Friday, March 13, 2009


aku nak tny lah . korang penah tak buat resume ?
confirm penah kan . .
aku nak share sikit ni pasal resume yg agak terserlah kesengalannya kat korg .
so .. baca lah ea ...

name: Ah Gun
age: still young
sex: never. still under age
religion: i only have experience praying my cat
who dead two years before
race: i love to race. how you know?
nationality: i don`t like National. i prefer Sanyo
ic number: 6735
telephone number: house no telephone
hand phone number: 3310
address: Penang Jelutong
city: Nor Haliza
postcode: i never post anything
state: in my family, i am 2nd
country: i love to travel to Canada
marriage status: secret
email address: hotmail
education background: my teacher said not bad
working experience: last time got sell pirated VCD
father`s name: daddy
father`s ic: you ask him
mother`s name: mummy
mother`s ic: you ask her
current salary: depends on my daddy mood
expected salary: as much as you can pay
when can start work: depends on my mood
higest qualification: ya, very high
grade: ya, very high
college/university: college
signature: can i use chop?
naif betul die ni . .

2 ulasan:

amALIVE said...

mgkin time skool dlu die xpena diajar cara nak wat resume yg logik..

pandai gak die ni kan...

GuLe2sweet said...

ni bukan pandai . ni jujur . hehe